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Playing on this page Jukebox the UK’s Top 50 singles for the year 1960, also the yearly position the recording’s achieved for the year.

1960 Events

Catholics forbidden to watch ‘unsafe’ TV

January24. Roman Catholics throughout the world are to be brought back to the straight and narrow path. The first synod ever held in Rome was opened by Pope John XXIII on this day.  It is expected to make some new laws which, once approved by the Pope, are likely to be adopted in dioceses everywhere.

Catholics will be told not to watch films, television programmes or plays not considered ‘safe’ by the Vatican. Women with bare arms or dressed in male clothing will not be allowed the sacrament. For priests, the new regime will be even tougher. They will not be allowed to smoke in public and they will be forbidden to go to any cinemas or theatres

Wives or servants can read Lady C

November 2. Cheers and applause broke out in the Old Bailey courtroom today when a jury ruled that ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’, the novel banned for 30 years, is not obscene.

Penguin Books, who were prosecuted as a test case, have 200,000 copies ready to distribute at a price of 3s 6d (approx 18p) Sir Allen Lane, head of the firm, said it was now unlikely that there would be future prosecutions of any serious author.

During the six day hearing Mr Mervyn Griffith-Jones. For the prosecution, said the book contained 13 ‘bouts’ of sexual intercourse between Lady Chatterley and her husband’s  gamekeeper, Mellors, in many settings, ‘ with the emphasis always on the pleasure, the satisfaction and sensuality’.  One Anglo-Saxon word appeared 30n times, others 13 or 14. He asked the jury: “ Is it a book you would wish your wife or your servant to read?”

Gable, the enduring heart-throb, dies

November 16. Clark Gable. The actor who once admitted “I can’t emote worth a damn”, despite playing the romantic hero of 90 films, has died aged 59, following a heart attack while making his latest film ‘The Misfits’. Gable whose widow, and fifth wife, Kay Spreckels, is expecting a child in March, proved to be an unexpected and amazing enduring heart-throb

The last National Serviceman falls in

December 31. The last National Servicemen received their call-up cards today, bringing the total number of men enlisted under the scheme since it began in 1939 to 5,300,000. Of the 2,049 called up today 1,999 will go into the army and 50 to the RAF; the intake of National Servicemen into the Royal Navy has always been small.

The last army intake are joining nine unitsin the Southern Command, based in Aldershot. They will remain there for a fortnight’s basic training and then go on to other units to learn a trade. The air force recruits are all going through the RAF Reception Centre at Cardington, Bedfordshire. The ending of National Service means the forces will now have to rely entirely on voluntary recruitment

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Britain is to fund supersonic aeroplane

February 22. The Government has agreed to fund a revolutionary supersonic airliner capable of flying at 2,000mph. The new aircraft may well be built in collaboration with France or the United States, said the Aviation Minister, Duncan Sandys,.The plane would fly between London and New York in  little more than two hours.

The cost of developing the revolutionary new aircraft would be considerable. The estimate is that each will cost between £5 million and £6 million. All Britain’s major aircraft groups have been given separate contracts to devise ways around particular problems. Hawker Siddeley-de Havilland and Vickers Bristol-English Electric have been asked to study the airframe, while both Rolls-Royce and Bristol Siddeley have been asked to develop engines

Princess Margaret to wed commoner

February 26. Princess Margaret, aged 29, is to marry Antony Armstrong-Jones, son of Ronald Armstrong-Jones QC, and the Countess of Rosse, Mr Armstrong-Jones works as a photographer