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Playing on this page Jukebox the UK’s Top 50 singles for the year 1961, also the yearly position the recording’s achieved for the year.

1961 Events

Jaguar cars launch E-Type

Britain’s latest sports car: the Jaguar E-Type. It cruises at 100mph can reach 150mph, and this solid-topped model will cost £2,196

Blake receives record jail term for spying

May 8. George Blake, the former diplomat, received a record 42 year jail sentence at the Old Bailey today for spying.  The 38 year-old self confessed spy is said to have passed every document he could get hold of to the Russians over nine and a half years while working in Germany and the Lebanon.

Lord Chief Justice Parker said his treachery had ‘rendered much of this country’s efforts completely useless’

Blake was captured by the Communist during the Korean War when he was British vice-consul in Seoul. He was held for three years and is thought to have been brainwashed.

The Eternal Cowboy Hero Dies.

May 13. The eternal cowboy hero Gary Cooper died today at the age of 60. His meanest, Oscar-winning form in Fred Zinneman’s‘ High Noon’

London goes wild over spaceman Yuri

July 14. Russia’s first man in space, Major Yuri Gagarin, received an ecstatic welcome from British crowds today, while on a flying visit to the West. Following lunch with the Queen and Price Philip at Buckingham Palace, and a tumultuous ‘press conference’, attended by 1,000 inquisitive journalists, at Earls Court, Major Gagarin is due to fly to Manchester to receive a gold medal from the Amalgamated Union of Foundry Workers.

Delighted by Gagaarin’s ‘film star’ welcome, the British-Soviet Friendship Society considered the visit a landmark in East-West relations and told him he was ‘a missile surely guided at the hearts of the British people

Britain tightens immigration curbs.

November 1. The Government tonight announced new but flexible Commonwealth immigration controls. There is no stated annual quota. Entry will be curbed by a voucher system.

Immigrants will come to Britain as of right, provided they are self supporting without a job, or have a voucher either showing they have a job to come to or guaranteeing they have skills which are needed.

It will be ‘first come, first served’ in the voucher queue until the limit, possibly around 60,000 is reached. In 1959 Commonwealth immigrants totalled 21,000. This year the figure will be well over 100,000.

Ex-Zulu chief wins Nobel Peace Prize.

October 23. South Africa’s most respected black leader, Albert Luthuli, a Zulu chief until he was sacked by the government, was today awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace, because ‘in his fight against racial discrimination he has always worked for non-violent methods’.

Luthuli, aged 62, who was born in Rhodesia and came to South Africa as a child, said the award was an honour for ‘many of the freedom loving people’ of South Africa.

However, newspapers there described the award as ‘an inexplicable, pathological phenomenon’, and ‘un-western’ when it was first announced in 1960

Quote Of The Year

‘I want to manage those four boys. It wouldn’t take me more than two half-days a week.’

Brian Epstein, record shop owner,of a popular Liverpool pop group, ‘The Beatles’

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