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Playing on this page Jukebox the UK’s Top 50 singles for the year 1962, also the yearly position the recording’s achieved for the year.

1962 Events

Hanratty to hang for murder on A6

February 17. James Hanratty was today sentenced to death for murdering Michael Gregsten aged 36, in a lay-by at Deadman Hill near Bedford last year. His trial, lasting 21 days, was the longest murder case in British legal history and the jury retired for ten hours. But as Hanratty waited in the condemned cell he still claimed he was innocent and plans to appeal.

Eichmann hanged for his Nazi war crimes

May 31. Adolf Eichmann the ‘transport manager’ of the Holocaust, in which six million Jews died, was executed just before midnight tonight. When told his appeal for clemency had been refused, he asked for a bottle of wine, wrote letters to his family and was visited by the Reverend William Hull, a non-conformist minister.

When he was taken to the scaffold, he refused the black hood, sent his greetings to Germany, Austria and Argentina ‘the countries I shall not forget’, and told the official witnesses:’We shall meet again. I have believed in God. I obeyed the laws of war and was loyal to my flag.

Sophia Loren is up on a bigamy charge

June 25. Film star Sophia Loren and her producer husband, Carlo Ponti, are to face bigamy charges, a Rome magistrate announced today. The couple married by proxy in Mexico five years ago, after Ponti obtained a divorce there from his first wife. But Italian law, which does not recognise divorce, regards him as still being married.

The Oscar-winning actress has had to cancel plans to make a film in London later this year. But she has no intention of fleeing Italy. Currently on location in Leghorn,Miss Loren reacted by declaring:’I have never run away from anything’

Nelson Mandela is jailed for five years

November 7. In the Pretoria courthouse called the Old Synagogue, Nelson Mandela the 44-year old African nationalist leader know as the Black Pimpernel for his resourcefulness in evading arrest, was today jailed for five years.

He had been found guilty of incitement and leaving South Africa illegally. The court was told that Mandela had been the ‘mouthpiece and mastermind’ behind a call for a national strike. When the strike failed, Mandela abandoned non-violent resistance and helped to found the Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation) movement.

He was smuggled out of South Africa to speak at an African freedom conference in Addis Ababa, just when Umkhonto began sabotage attacks.

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Death from smog reach 60 in London

December 6. A total of 60 deaths attributable to smog have occurred in London in the past three days. Of the 19 men and nine women aged between 37 and 86 who died yesterday, 20 collapsed indoors, six in the street and two at work. Hundreds of out-patients could not be treated at hospitals in East London because ambulances, which usually transport them, could not be spared. The fog will last for at least another 24 hours and authorities have prepared for more victims

KGB arrest contact of alleged UK spy

December 11. The Soviet KGB today arrested a colonel of Military Intelligence and accused him of passing secrets to Greville Wynne, the British businessman undergoing interrogation in Moscow. Oleg Penkovsky, aged 44, who also worked for a government scientific department, was said to have used ‘ dead drops’ to pass military, scientific and political secrets over a period of 16 months to Western agents in Moscow. A major spy trial is being prepared

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