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1964 Events

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Beatlemania grips US as Fab Four fly in

February 8. The Beatles flew into Kennedy Airport in New York today and met their most ecstatic reception yet. Urged on by disc jockeys, who had been broadcasting constant updates on the progress of Pan Am flight 101, thousands of American teenagers packed the airport to scream their adulation. They broke through a police cordon, then formed a Beatles motorcade that followed their heroes all the way to the city’s Plaza Hotel.

The Beatles, already superstars in Europe, are set to conquer America. Their song ‘ I want to hold your hand’ has gone straight to the top of the charts and tomorrow night’s TV appearance on the  Ed Sullivan Show, once the springboard for Elvis Presley, will put them into every American living room.

Ten of the Great Train robbers guilty

March 27. Six months after The Great Train Robbery and with 20 members of the notorious gang still at large, a court today recorded the first convictions as a result of the hold up.

Ten men were found guilty of the plot to steal mailbags worth more than £2.6 million by ambushing a travelling post office on the railway line at Cheddington. The trial had lasted 51 days and the 12-man jury at Buckinghamshire Assizes took a record 66 hours to come to their verdicts. Nine other defendants are facing trial.

The ‘Stones’ arrive dishevelled’

April 24.The British pop group, the Rolling Stones, shocked the Montreux festival in Geneva by arriving in ‘dishevelled and bizarre’ dress. But increasing numbers of fans like their raunchy style.

Pop music all at sea with pirates

May 12. Pop fans who complain that they can’t get enough of their favourite music can tune in to a new radio station as from today. Radio Atlanta, broadcasting on 200.6 metres, has started transmissions from ‘ somewhere off the East Coat’, joining Radio Caroline, Britain’s first ‘pirate’, which has been putting out its exclusively pop programmes since March.

Both stations operate legally from international waters. The GPO would still like to see then banned, but the government prefers the blind eye.

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Take-away TVs go on sale in the UK

August 20. A lighter, more transportable television set, with an 11-inch screen, and weighing only 16 Lbs, was previewed today in London. Receiving both ITV and BBC on special 20-inch ‘rabbit’s ear’ aerials, it was hoped this new model would prove a useful second set for many families..

According to the suppliers, over half the 13 million British homes currently with television have up to four people living in them and some homes have even more. A second set, they suggested, might ease arguments over what to watch.

Ready Steady,Go

ITV’s first live pop programme, goes on the air. Fans dance in the studio while all the latest names in pop perform their hits

Death knell sounds for capital penalty

December 21. MP’s voted tonight to abolish the death penalty for murder. Their vote - 355 to 170 - was so overwhelming that the House of Lords will not try to frustrate it.

The 1957 Homicide Act, which operates now, prescribes hanging for certain murders. Now, pending enactment of the new law, any murderers sentenced to death are likely to be reprieved by the Home Secretary

Quote Of The Year

‘Join me and march along the road…that leads to the Great Society, where no child will go unfed… where every human being has dignity and every worker has a job’

Lyndon Johnson, campaigning for US President.

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