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1966 Events

H-bomb is missing after mid-air crash

January 17. The nightmare of a nuclear accident became a reality today when an American B-52 bomber carrying nuclear weapons collided with a K-C 135 fuel tanker aircraft in mid-air over Spain.

Eight of the 14 crew on board the huge aircraft were killed, and an H-bomb, with an explosive capacity of more than a million tons of TNT has fallen into the Atlantic Ocean off southern Spain.

Emergency measures  were immediately implemented by the Pentagon in Washington. The American Strategic Air Command has dispatched a squad of aircraft and 1,000 soldiers to look for the missing bomb, but so far without success

Laker forms airline for cut-price tours

February 8. Freddie Laker, the man who turned British United Airways into Britain’s largest independent carrier, is setting up an all-jet airline catering for the booming package holiday trade.

Mr Laker, aged 43, has bought three BAC One-Eleven 75-seater airlines at a cost of £4 million. He started in the airline business with his £40 RAF pay-off in 1946, and is now reported to have amassed a personal fortune of more than £1 million. ‘I will make possible cheaper and longer holidays by efficiency and speedier travel,’ he said

The lost H-bomb is found in one piece

April 7. The missing American H-bomb was discovered on the Atlantic sea-bed today, to the great relief of the State Department. The weapon, which fell off a B-52 bomber in January , was discovered by a midget submarine. It is said to be intact. The US and Spain have been concerned that it might leak radiation, but American officials recently plunged into the Atlantic surf to ‘prove’ that the water was safe.

Moors murderers are sentenced to life

May 6. It was a late-night telephone call to the police by a terrified witness that led to the convictions of the Moors murderers, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, tonight.

Brady, aged 28 was sentenced to three concurrent terms of life imprisonment for the murders of Edward Evans, aged 17, and two children, Lesley Ann Downey, aged 10, and John Kilbride, aged 12. Hindley received two concurrent life sentences for the murders of Evans and Lesley Ann. Police are continuing to search for the bodies of at least two other missing children on the Pennine moors.

Argentinians raid Falkland Islands

September 29. Gunmen attacked the British Ambassador’s residence in Buenos Aires where Prince Philip is staying tonight after a day in which 20 Argentinian nationalists ‘invaded’ the Falkland Islands in a hijacked airliner. The invaders were still surrounded on the airfield at Port Stanley, the islands’ capitol, tonight. In Buenos Aires, the embassy raiders opened up fire from two darkened cars. Argentina claims sovereignty over the islands in the South Atlantic which it calls the Malvinas.

Spy George Blake breaks out of jail

October 22. Russia was suspected of masterminding the dramatic escape today of double agent George Blake, who scaled the outer wall of Wormwood Scrubs jail in London by using a homemade rope ladder strengthened by ten pairs of size 13 knitting needles.

A pink chrysanthemum left outside was the only other clue to who had helped his bid for freedom, which is a significant propaganda coup for the Soviets. Blake, serving 42 years for spying, may be aboard a Communist ship.

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Belated pardon for the hanged Evans

October 18. The Queen has granted a free pardon to Timothy John Evans, the 25-year-old lorry driver, who was hanged in 1950 for murdering his wife and daughter in the house occupied by the mass murderer, John Reginald Christie.

The Queen acted on the advice of the Home Secretary after a High Court judge found that Evans was ‘probably innocent’ of the offence. Evan’s pardon, unprecedented in the history of British justice, follows a massive campaign by opponents of capital punishment.

The Hawker Harrier, the world’s first vertical take-off and landing aircraft, was finally revealed at this month’s Farnborough Air Show

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