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1967 Events

Beatles set up shop in Apple boutique

January 31. One month from its launch the public is still flocking into the Beatles’ Apple boutique, their £100,000 psychedelic shop in London’s West End. Not many of the beautiful clothes, made from exotic fabrics by the fashionable Dutch hippie designers Simon and Marijke, who call themselves ‘The Fool’, actually get bought - they’re too expensive for those outside Swinging London;s elite - but if nothing else, Apple makes a great tourist attraction.

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US nuclear bomber in Greenland crash

January 28. A US B-52 bomber carrying four nuclear bombs crashed into the ice off Greenland today while trying to make an emergency landing. The US Defence Department said the bombs were not armed, so there was no chance of a nuclear explosion at the crash site near the US airbase at Thule. However it is not immediately clear what has happened to the bombs - whether they are scattered across the surface of the ice or have plunged into the 800-feet deep water below.

Martin Luther King is gunned down

April 9. More than 150,000 people followed the body of Dr Martin Luther King to burial in Atlanta today. The coffin was drawn by two mules on a plain wooden farm cart. Among the mourners were Mrs Jacqueline Kennedy and the vice-president, Hubert Humphrey.

Dr King pronounced his own eulogy. Mrs King asked for a tape of his last sermon to be played. Anticipating his own death, Dr King asked that he be remembered because he ‘ gave his life for love’

Dr King was shot dead last Thursday in Memphis, where he had gone to lead a dustmen’s strike.

The son of a prominent Negro preacher in Atlanta, he was educated at Morehouse College there and in Boston, where he studied theology and became a disciple of Gandhi.

Enoch Powell foresees a ‘river of blood’

April 21. ‘As I look ahead I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I see the River Tiber foaming with much blood’ With this classical quotation Enoch Powell the Tory Shadow Minister of Defence, today triggered fierce controversy over race relations.

In a Birmingham speech which has immediately isolated him from his party leadership, he said that Britain must be ‘mad, literally mad as a nation’ to allow 50,000 dependents of immigrants into the country each year. The present situation, he argued, is like a nation ‘busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre’. Mr Powell’s speech took other senior Tories by surprise. The Opposition leader, Edward Heath considers that it is racialist and inflammatory. He will sack Mr Powell from the shadow cabinet.  However, politicians in all parties are uneasily aware that the speech probably expresses the fears of very many people. Mr Powell says he chose his words carefully, and he denies that he is either being irresponsible or seeking to incite racial prejudice.

A young Arab male is held for killing of Bobby Kennedy

June 7. A Palestinian Arab immigrant, Sirhan Sirhan, has been charged in Los Angeles with murdering Senator Robert Kennedy and assaulting five other people. Sirhan, who suffered a broken finger and a sprained ankle during arrest, shouted out immediately after shooting Kennedy ‘ I did it for my country’

This week is the anniversary of the Six Days’ War between Israel and the Arab countries. In his election campaign Kennedy had expressed support for Israel in general, and for maintaining arms supplies to Israel.

Tony Hancock, comedy maestro, is dead

June 24. Tony Hancock was probably the most popular comedian in the country during the run of his radio show ‘Hancock’s Half Hour’, which transferred to television in 1956. His character, intolerant, indignant and with pretensions to a culture he did not understand, was part of himself. ‘ You take your own weaknesses and exploit them,’ he once explained. Unfortunately, he believed he could dispense with anyone else’s contribution, including  his scriptwriters’. He committed professional suicide long before his actual suicide today in a Sydney hotel room.

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