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Playing on this page Jukebox the UK’s Top 50 singles for the year 1970, also the yearly position the recording’s achieved for the year.

1970 Events

Hong Kong flu kills 2850 in one week

January 16. Influenza due to the Hong Kong A2 virus killed 2,850 people in Britain in the week ending January 9, the highest weekly figure since 1933. In the week ending December 26 there were 1,421 deaths with 731 on Christmas and Boxing Day and 2,400 in the next week.

Despite this overall increase in the total number of deaths, a more detailed look at the figures suggests that the epidemic has passed its peak in the south, where the number of deaths has fallen substantially, although more deaths have been reported in north-west England

Russell, passionate thinker, dies at 97

February 2. ‘Three passions have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge and un-bearable pity for the sufferings of mankind.’ Bertrand Russell prefaced his autobiography with these words two years ago. His long, passionate life ended today at 97.

Those who knew Russell as the ardent disarmer, president of CND and the of the Committee of 100, who went to prison at 88 for his beliefs, knew only a third of him.  His search for knowledge resulted in his reducing the principles of mathematics to logic and ended with his magnificent ‘History of Western Philosophy’ in 1946.

His third passion, for love, took him through four marriages and many more love affairs.

Beatles go to court to divorce each other

April 9. An era is over. The Beatles,erstwhile ‘Fab Four’, one-time psychedelic pioneers and most recently squabbling businessmen, have finally dissolved the partnership that for many young people was the most influential phenomenon of the past decade.

Today Paul McCartney issued a writ in the High Court calling for the dissolution of ‘the business carried on…as the Beatles and Co’ and effectively ended a creative alliance that might justifiably be said to have changed the world.

The real reasons for the split are debatable. But the foursome, notably songwriting partners Lennon and McCartney, have not been happy for some time.

790 couples get married

October 10. 790 couples from Korea and all parts of the world, members of the controversial Unification Church, were married by their leader Sun Myung Moon in a mass ceremony at the Changchung gym in Seoul

Gay Lib hold first public demo in UK

November 27. The Gay Liberation Front formed recently to combat prejudice and discrimination against homosexuals, held its first demonstration in London today. It wants gay men and women to be able to express their feelings openly and without shame.

Oe man said:’We don’t want to be a freak show, we just wantb to be the same as anybody else.’ The front has 250 members so far, including hetrosexuals. In America it is already a powerful lobby

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Music Facts

Dexy’s Midnight Runners (Above) took their name from the drug Dexedrine,more commonly known as ‘speed’ or ‘ Dexy’s.’ Since this drug speeds up the metabolism and inhibits sleep, they were became known as ‘Dexy’s Midnight Runners’

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