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1971 Events

Playing on this page Jukebox the UK’s Top 50 singles for the year 1971, also the yearly position the recording’s achieved for the year.

Coup puts Idi Amin in power in Uganda

January 25. President Milton Obote of Uganda, who has been attending the Commonwealth conference in Singapore, has been overthrown by his army commander, General Idi Amin, who accused Obote of corruption, tribalism and economic policies to benefit the rich and hurt the poor. Amin, a 45-year-old former army boxing champion promised free elections, an early return to civilian rule and the release of all political prisoners held on ‘false or unspecified charges.’

First heart and lung transplant is made

July 25. A report from South Africa claims that a combined heart and lung transplant has been performed by Christian Barnard, the surgeon who carried out the first human heart transplant in December, 1967.

But Donald Ross, a surgeon at the National Heart Hospital, London, said he knew of no medical development that could justify resumption of transplants. The combined transplant is important, he said ‘ But at the moment we can’t even transplant the lungs alone with a reasonable chance of success. With both together the chance is even less. However, I shall be very pleased to be proved wrong.’

Britain expels 90 Russians for spying

September 24. Ninety Russian diplomats and officials were today expelled from Britain today for spying, following revelations made by a senior KGB defector. The move, which was initiated by the Foreign Secretary, Sir Alec Douglas-Home, is bound to worsen already tense Anglo - Soviet relations. But the British Government claims it cannot tolerate the current ‘hive of Russian intelligence activity’ in London.

As a result of the expulsions the Soviet government is likely to eject British diplomats from Moscow. A visit by Sir Alec to Moscow next year is in jeopardy.

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Commons votes for UK to join EEC

October 28. By a 356 -244 vote MP’s tonight approved the cabinet’s decision in principle to join the Common Market. Most Tories were for joining , most Labour against. But 69 Labour pro-marketeers supported Mr Heath’s government while 39 Tories voted against.

Queen very amused by large pay rise

December 2. The Queen’s allowance is to be doubled from £475,000 to £980,000. The rise comes after a study by an all-party Commons select committee. Most of it will go on the wages and salaries of her 375 full-time and 100 part-time staff. The Queen is said to be pleased and a little surprised by the size of the increase.

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Nikita Khrushchev dies in obscurity

September 11.  Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet leader who was ousted seven years ago, died in obscurity in Moscow today, aged 77. He ruled Russia from 1956 to 1964 and was responsible for a dramatic reappraisal of Stalin’s image. But his other reforms have been largely curtailed or reversed. He will not be given a state funeral nor be buried at the Kremlin Wall.

42 die as prisoners revolt in US prison

September 30. A prison riot in New York state which left 32 inmates and ten warders dead is to be investigated by an independent inquiry team, it was announced today.  They will study the causes of the revolt which began three weeks ago at Attica State Correction Facility and lasted four days. More than 1,000 prisoners took guards hostage, smashed windows and set fire to the building before troops stormed in.

Members of the inquiry team have been chosen for their expertise in the law and penal matters. One member is a former convict who was once sentenced for forgery and drug offences,