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Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash

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Roy Orbison


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The UK’s Favourite American Featured Artist

Brenda Lee

Brenda Lee

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The Top 50 Tearjerkers of all time

We’ll make a grown man cry!!!

Welcome to DennyMedia.com, we aim to provide unlimited streams of all the top 50 UK hits from 1959 to the present year. On this page our Jukebox is playing One Hit Wonders from the 1950’s - These Artists/bands have had ONE SINGLE IN THE TOP 40 UK Single chart but have not managed another Top 40 hit.

Our Featured Artist above have their own streaming jukebox - just click on them to listen. These will be changed from time to time. We are also working on the Top 50 for all the years displayed (Yellow ones are finished)

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This is quite a massive project and we rely on advertising revenue and donations to help cover costs. The site is free and always will be. We aim to add other features for your enjoyment as we progress.

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The Uk’s Top Recordings for these years

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