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Script Writer for Television and Stage Productions

Over the years Ryan has written scripts for many of the great Television series and has become great friends with many of the cast members. He has and still does Ghost Writing for some productions.

Actor and Director

Ryan recently Directed a Stage Production that was critically acclaimed. Debuted in Colwyn Bay, North Wales,

A one-man play about tackling and recovering from depression. Staring Bruce Jones.

Bonny Langford backstage with Ryan Dior, after both played man and wife in a play called" hold on to your man" 1993

Ryan Dior’s great friend and Record Producer Denny Steer (Soundblitz Records) Who came to the opening performance of ‘Talk’ in Colwyn Bay.

Ryan Dior prepping for co-hosting the commonwealth games 2002 in Manchester

Ryan Dior, far Left play the lead in a play "Blackpool Rock" a charabanc trip to Blackpool 1970.

Shots from Media City

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Ryan with Media City ‘Makeup Artist Crisy Potter.

With Bryan Adams

The Stage Production ‘Talk’ Starring

 Bruce Jones