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Born Denis Steer but widely known as ‘Denny’ he re-invents himself every few years. Denny has over the years run quite large business ventures including retail carpets and consumer finance companies.  

The recently formed partnership with Albert Crol is already proving highly successful both aligning their separate talents into quite a formidable songwriting and composing partnership.

Denny is a  member of ISA - The International Songwriters Association and also PPLUK

Albert has played for 25 years in the Country band Southern Comfort as a guitarist and singer, and although he plays less frequently with this band he still considers it his number  one love.  Southern Comfort was considered  one of Belgium’s Premier Live Bands - and returns from time to time.  

Music plays a major part in Albert’s life and because he is a excellent keyboard player people started asking him to make tracks for them from midi files and arrange their voice on them. From this and his alliance with Denny, BackingTracks2U was born.  Following on from this, an unusual but successful song writing and composing partnership was established.  

Denny Steer Albert Crol